Use Content to Build Your Practice

Creating and publishing your own content establishes you as a thought leader in your area, shows just how much you care and attracts traffic, enquiries and new patients to your practice…

Why it’s time to start using content to promote your practice

The best way for dentists to stand out from the crowd and position their practices as the leaders in their areas is to create their own content.

People know that taking the time to create content and put it online takes time and costs money, so they’re aware that you must care a lot to bother doing so.

But the benefits of content creation outweigh the costs: good content attracts an audience and positions the publisher as an expert.

And prospective patients have informational needs that must be satisfied before they become patients. Is your practice the one that’s satisfying these needs?

As well as creating content, it’s important to format it in the way that will ensure it reaches as many people as possible. If you only produce one type of content (e.g. short social media posts) you’ll miss out on all the people who prefer to watch a video or read a newsletter. As well as the type of content, the format is also important (e.g. some people prefer to read emails while others prefer video).

At Dental Connections we create all types of content in all popular formats – from online video to print. Get in touch and let us know you’d like to get started.

Dental Connections Content Creation Services

Full service

Not only do we create brochures, blog posts, social media content and newsletters, we also produce our own in-house graphics

We're Super-Experienced!

We have years of experience creating, editing and proofreading content for dentists and top international brands like BVLGARI


We’re not dentists but we’ve written on dental topics for years and have access to qualified dentists to help ensure accuracy

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied with the content we create for you, we’ll work on it until you are or refund your investment with us

Take Content Creation to the Next Level

Dentists who understand marketing know the value of producing their own branded content.

Dentists who are GREAT at marketing do the same thing but A. repurpose (i.e. re-publish the same content in multiple formats) and B. distribute it EVERYWHERE to extract maximum return on their marketing investment.

This means you can take a blog post and extract the main ideas and quotes from it to then use in social media posts.

You can then convert that blog post into a video and share that on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as well as other video channels.

The same post can then be added to your newsletter to reach even more people.

Whatever the starting point for your content – a video, an article for your website, a social media, etc – it can always be re-formatted to save you time and money and to extract the maximum value from what you create.

Benefits of Our Content Creation Services

Here’s how we’ll help you achieve your business goals with content creation:
  • Save you/your staff hours each month
  • Keep your website and social media profiles fresh and up-to-date
  • Answer patient questions and deal with common concerns
  • Improve the positioning of your practice by showing your expertise to patients and prospects
  • Create connection with both patients and prospects using your content
  • Position your practice as proactive and patient-focused
  • Stand out from the crowd with your own branded, professional-quality articles, videos and social media posts
  • Educate your patients about your premium cosmetic treatment options
  • Educate and inform your patients and prospects about your treatments, practice news and special offers
  • Reach patients and prospects wherever they spend time – in your practice reception area, on social media, YouTube, or checking their emails
  • Get in front of your patients and prospects regularly to keep your practice “top of mind”
  • Take advantage of Word of Mouth and social media by having content that’s easy for people to Share by email or on social media
  • Drive more prospects to your campaigns and special offers

What We Can Help You With

Newsletters For Dentists

Separate yourself from the other dentists in your area with your own magazine-quality email/print newsletter

Blog Post Service

Provide useful information to prospects and patients and attract more visitors to your site with our blog post service

Website Copywriting

Drive more conversions and sales from your main website pages with our professional copy-writing service

Become the pre-eminent dental practice in your area

We’ll help you produce content and get it in front of your patients and prospect to demonstrate your expertise, help you stand out and bring in more business.

Click the button below and let us know which of our services you’d like more information about.