Dental Email Marketing Service

According to the Huffington Post, the Return on Investment for email marketing is 44.25 x – one of the highest returns for any kind of marketing…

So why does it work so well?

Because email marketing can cause a dramatic increase in your conversions:

Most visitors to dental sites exit without taking further action and never come back…

Email marketing helps you avoid these lost opportunities by capturing your visitors’ contact information when they come to your site (we’ll set this up for you).

Once you have their email address you can stay “top of mind,” educate and connect with both patients and prospects by sending them information about your treatments, special offers, and practice news.

Let us set up and manage an email list for you that will enable you to contact your all your patients and prospects easily – just email us what you’d like to go out and we’ll do the rest!

How Can Email Marketing Help Your Business?

Email Marketing helps you to:

> Increase conversions and reduce lost opportunities by capturing site visitor contact information so you can follow up later

> Contact prospects and patients wherever and whenever it suits them

> Educate and inform your patients and prospects about your treatments, practice news and special offers with

> Keep your practice “top of mind” by sending useful content that positions your practice as the leader in your area

> Take advantage of Word of Mouth – people can easily forward your email content to friends and family

> Send out your campaigns and special offers by email and then increase conversions by sending reminders

What you’ll receive:

> Email capture forms for your site

> Branded emails that include your logo and links to your website and social media pages

> Email list set up (including adding all your current patients together with new prospects)

> Email list management – we’ll add people to your lists automatically, track their actions (which links they click, etc) and remove people who no-longer want to be contacted

> List segmentation – we can set up separate lists for your different treatments (implants, Invisalign, etc) so you can follow up with each group separately

> Easy delivery to your entire list – when you have a special offer, some news or educational material that you’d like going out, simply send it to us – we’ll format it for you and then send it to the entire list

> Free proofreading and copy upgrades – if required, our professional copywriters are on hand to help tweak your emails to increase response at no extra charge


How to get started

Contact us and let us know what you’d like to order and which payment option you prefer: PayPal, credit card or bank transfer/standing order.

We’ll be in touch right away with a quick questionnaire for you to complete (only takes a minute or two) with your details (your business name, website URL, special requests, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we send to our list?
You can send anything you’d send in any other email. We recommend making your emails valuable by including educational content, special offers, newsletters, eBooks, links to your new blog posts, etc.
How do you brand the emails to our practice?
Every email we send out for you will have your logo at the top of the email (with a clickable link to your website) together with links to your social media pages at the bottom.
Who creates the emails?
You send us the messages you’d like to go out to your list and we’ll proofread and tweak the copy for you (optional), format the emails and then send them out for you.
What’s the best way to make this work for our business?
We recommend that you view this as another way to offer excellent customer service and to connect with your patients.



Provide value in your emails and avoid sending too many promotional emails that will “burn” your list.

Send useful, interesting content – such as newsletters – to your list regularly.

Have us set up dedicated lists for specific treatments (e.g. dental implants) that you can follow up with. We can set up automated sequences of emails that educate your patients and prospects about these treatments and answer their questions.

Contact us for more details about this option.

How do you segment the lists?
We can provide you with separate forms for specific pages on your site. That way, when people visit your Invisalign page, for example, you can offer them more information by email (or even an eBook or mini-course about the treatment – please ask if you’d like us to make these for you.)
What happens after I purchase?
You’ll receive a brief questionnaire where you can fill in the info needed to get started. It’s all very simple and only takes a couple of minutes.
How soon can you start?
We can have a newsletter ready for you within 2 days of the receipt of your payment.

Got other questions?

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.