Email Marketing Can Boost Your Business Results

Email marketing has been shown to convert 6 times better than social media, yet most dentists don’t even use it… We’ll show you how to put email marketing to work in your business.

Why do dentists need to use email marketing?

According to the Huffington Post, the Return on Investment for email marketing is 44.25 x – one of the highest returns for any kind of marketing…

So why does it work so well?

Because email marketing can cause a dramatic increase in your conversions:

Most visitors to dental sites exit without taking further action and never come back…

Email marketing helps you avoid these lost opportunities by capturing your visitors’ contact information when they come to your site (we’ll set this up for you).

Once you have their email address you can stay “top of mind,” educate and connect with both patients and prospects by sending them information about your treatments, special offers, and practice news.

Let us set up and manage an email list for you that will enable you to contact your all your patients and prospects easily – just email us what you’d like to go out and we’ll do the rest!

Dental Connections Social Media Services

10 years experience

We started creating our first dental marketing email marketing systems back in 2010 and have been using them ever since

Content Creation Specialists

We’re experts in creating beautiful, higly-valued eBooks/newsletters/etc to attract subscribers to join your email list

Copywriting Pros

Once your subscribers have joined your list, we can help ensure your emails are persuasive and conversion-focused

Complete Service

We do it all: from custom creating your opt-in off and adding sign-up forms to your site, to list management and sending emails

How Email Marketing Can Help Boost Your Business

Most dentists don’t use email at all and most of the ones that do, don’t do it very well: maybe asking people to “sign up for our newsletter” (not very exciting).

Dentists who use email marketing well offer something of value in exchange for the visitors contact details (e.g. a free eBook on how to upgrade your smile or a magazine-quality newsletter that’s pictured with itc list of contents.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can offer people who visit your Invisalign or implants page a free guide to that specific treatment with Before and After pictures and patient testimonials.

Then follow up with an automated sequence of emails that provide more details, answer questions and encourage them to come in for your free consultation.

These are the kinds of things we do to help our clients stand out from the crowd and convert more people into patients.

Benefits of Our Email Marketing Services

Here’s how our email marketing service will help you achieve your business goals:
  • Increase conversions and reduce lost opportunities by capturing the contact info of site visitors so you can follow up later
  • Contact prospects and patients wherever and whenever it suits them
  • Contact prospects and patients wherever and whenever it suits you
  • Educate and inform your patients and prospects about your treatments, practice news and special offers
  • Boost your other marketing by sending emails with links to your website pages, blog posts, special offers, etc
  • Educate your customers and prospects about your premium services, business news and special offers
  • Share news/information from your practice to build trust (results, before and after pictures, etc) and position you as the leader in your area
  • Create and build a connection with your prospects and patients
  • Reach clients and prospects when it suits them
  • Keep your practice “top of mind” by sending useful content that positions your practice as the leader in your area
  • Take advantage of Word of Mouth – people can easily forward your email content to friends and family
  • Increase campaign conversions by sending out email reminders about your offers

What We Can Help You With

Email Copywriting

We can write or edit individual emails or entire sequences to go out on autopilot to help you achieve your business goal

Email List Management

Make use of our powerful email services, including treatment-specific lists and automated email sequences

Opt-in Offer Creation

Entice people to sign up for more information with out custom-created eBooks and treatment-specific guides

Boost your business results using email marketing

Capturing the contact information of your website visitors and then following up by email is a great way to convert more people into patients from the marketing you’re already doing.

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