Local SEO For Dentists

Ranking a Google My Business (GMB) profile is the most affordable form of SEO there is. A single well-optimised profile can put your business right at the top of Google page 1 for multiple keywords that would take months and cost a fortune in regular SEO.

With our Local SEO Service we’ll optimise your Google My Business profile and get you featured in the “3 Pack” – the special section Google allocates to its featured businesses – and which appears at the top of page one for a large number of dental keywords and treatments.

How Can Local SEO Help Your Business?

Local SEO can help you:

> Appear at the top of page 1 of Google in the “3-pack” – Google’s profiled business section

> Improve your business branding – people perceive businesses at the top of page 1 more favourably

> Show your Google Review star rating to prospective patients

> Get more traffic: being featured at the top of page 1 puts you in front of all your competitors lower down the page

> Get more phone calls – the number of extra calls will appear in your results reports

> Direct people to your business – patients can use Google maps for directions right to your door

> And all for a one-time fee!


Take a look at this post on our blog site to see the kinds of results we can get using this service (you’ll see clients getting between 100 and 400 extra calls/month just from their GMB profile).


What you’ll receive:

> Google My Business (GMB) profile set up (if required)

> GMB profile optimisation

> Professional images for your profile

> GEO-tagging for your images

> Keyword optimisation for images to help them rank in Google Images

> Profiles of your practice set up and linked back to you on over 100 business directories (Yell, Yahoo Local, etc)

> Local relevancy content creation

> Practice video creation

> YouTube channel set up and optimisation (this supports and boosts your GMB rankings)

> Full report on completion with ranking changes

How to get started

Contact us and let us know what you’d like to order and which payment option you prefer: PayPal, credit card or bank transfer/standing order.

We’ll be in touch right away with a quick questionnaire for you to complete (only takes a minute or two) with your details (your business name, website URL, special requests, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legitimate? Do you do anything that could get us in trouble with Google?
This is 100% legitimate and we don’t do anything that could jeopardise our client’s businesses.

Google search is the main way our clients get leads from the internet and we believe it’s incredibly foolish to try to “game the system” and outsmart one of the biggest companies in the world with some temporary trick that they will soon make obsolete.

What's the difference between this and your "Website SEO" service?
With our Local SEO service we’re focusing on getting your Google My Business profile to appear at the top of page 1 of Google.

With our Website SEO service we’re making sure your website pages appear at the top of page 1.

Ideally it’s best to combine local SEO with website SEO as the two activities support each other. That’s why we offer a special package deal when combining our local and website SEO services. Please contact us for further details.

Got other questions?

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.