Newsletters enable you to help patients and educate them about high-end treatments like implants and orthodontics without appearing ``salesy.``

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Newsletters are a great way to separate your practice from the competition (most practices don’t have a newsletter, and if they do, they tend to be relatively low quality).

The newsletters are available in 2 formats:

1. Printed out and placed in reception to provide patients with something to look at while waiting, and

2. Online/email versions that are sent out to the practice email list.

They’re also work well when promoted on the practice social media channels

Separate yourself from the other dentists in your area
Stay ``top-of-mind`` with patients by sending out a regular email newsletter
Re-purpose your newsletter content for blog and social media posts
Educate patients about your premium treatments
Promote your practice special offers in your newsletter

“Patients have been commenting how much they like the newsletters because they are laid-back and not “too dental!”
Rachel Worth – Practice Manager, Diana Dental.

Newsletters are also good value for money: they can be split up and used as blog posts for the practice website, and parts of them can be used in social media posts, too.

Dental Newsletters

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