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Social Media Reviews

“Because it’s so important to have a strong presence on social media these days, we are now working with Dental Connections to reach more people locally and create more of a connection with them on Facebook. With their help we have just started posting a good mix of nicely-designed educational content, together with information about our premium treatments and how they can help our patients.

If you’re looking for specialists in dental marketing, I would highly recommend Dental Connections. They really know what they’re doing and produce marketing that works. They also take great care of you.

Dr. Aliya Stretton

Owner and Principal Dental Surgeon – Lawton Dental Care


“With so many of our current and prospective patients using Facebook, we knew how important it is to keep our Facebook page updated, but with a busy practice to run we simply didn’t have time to come up with new ideas, write out posts and find/edit images every day…

As a result, we posted whenever we could but didn’t really like the idea of people coming to our page and seeing that it hadn’t been updated as recently as we’d have liked (we didn’t want to leave the impression that we don’t care about “the details” because that certainly isn’t us.)

So, when we heard about the Dental Connections Daily Facebook Posting Service back in November last year we thought it’d be worth a try.

We let them know the kinds of treatments we wanted to promote and they started creating branded posts for us as well as content that would keep the page fresh, broaden our reach and help attract new followers.

Whenever we have something from the practice (staff photos, etc) we go ahead and add them ourselves but it’s nice not to have to worry that we need to come up with something urgently. We now don’t feel we have to post daily and can instead spend our social media time responding to the booking requests and enquiries that come via Facebook Messenger.

We were actually a bit unsure if posting every day was a good idea (it seems like a lot) but when we raised this with Richard, he pointed out that we were getting really good Reach and Engagement with daily posts (sometimes several thousand views/week with just 500 followers) and should continue with that.

(To their credit, they asked if they could do this because it was better for us – even though it meant more work for them for the same fee!)

Richard and the team at Dental Connections are really easy to work with, super-responsive and always open to requests. We’ve found the Dental Connections Daily Facebook Posting Service great value for money and would recommend it to any dentist that wants to create a fresh and “professional-but-friendly” impression with their social media but doesn’t have the time to do it themselves.”

I’m very happy to recommend Dental Connections to my fellow dentists!”

Patrik Zachrisson

Owner and Principal Dental Surgeon – Wensleydale Dental Practice


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