Put Social Media to Work for Your Practice

Thanks to the social nature of social media, when used properly it provides dentists with an effective way to build trust and connection with patients and prospects that just isn’t possible with a website…

Why do dentists need social media?

67.5% of people in the UK use Facebook

35.85% of the population use Instagram

20.6% of the population use Twitter

With so much of the population using social media, if you don’t have an up-to-date presence on the main social channels you risk:

A. Missing the opportunity to reach and connect with current/prospective patients

B. Looking out-of-touch (social media is now part of daily life)

C. Losing ground to other practices in your area that don’t mind interacting with prospects using their preferred channels (many people now prefer to chat via social media rather than use email or phones).

Bottom line: from our experience managing a lot of social media pages for our dental clients, the ones that use social media well do better than those that don’t (based on the response their posts get plus the number of messages, enquiries and bookings they get via social media messaging services like Facebook Messenger).

Dental Connections Social Media Services

Full Service

We post to all the main social media networks that work well for dentists: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

14 Years Experience

We started creating our first dental marketing social media posts for clients in 2010 and have been posting ever since.

Branded Posts

We create beautiful custom posts using your logo, business colours and branding: giving you a consistent, professional image online.

Proven Results

With years of experience posting content just for dentists, we can create exactly what your audience wants to see on your profiles.

How to make social media work for you

1. Many dentists stick to just one type of content – promotional posts – and then become disillusioned with social media when they fail to gain any traction (Facebook, etc, is full of abandoned dental pages…) It’s important to use social media to create and nurture relationships with the people you are targeting.

2. Create a variety of content that will appeal to different groups of people so you can build a wider audience

3. Use different types of posts to achieve different objectives: e.g. to stimulate engagement, build trust in your practice, educate people about treatment options, position you as the local leader, etc.

4. With most users logging into their profiles multiple times each day, social media content has a shorter shelf-life than other types of content (such as blog posts), so people expect to see your social pages regularly updated…

Benefits of Our Social Media Services

Here’s how social media will help you achieve your business goals:
  • Save you/your staff hours each month
  • Keep your social media profiles fresh and up-to-date
  • Put the viral/word-of-mouth aspects of social media (e.g. Liking and Sharing) to work for your practice
  • Improve the branding and look of your page with our professional social media graphics
  • Boost your other marketing activities (website pages, blog posts, SEO, special offers, etc) with posts crafted to support them
  • Educate your customers and prospects about your premium services, business news and special offers
  • Share news/information from your practice to build trust (results, before and after pictures, etc) and position you as the leader in your area
  • Create and build a connection with your prospects and patients
  • Reach clients and prospects where they prefer to spend time online

What We Can Help You With

Facebook Posting

We’ll post for you on the UK’s most popular social network where almost 70% of the population have a profile

Twitter Posting

As well as being a great platform for general info and image posts, Twitter is the #1 choice for news and updates

Instagram Posting

We’ll keep your profile updated with image-rich posts on the Instagram platform where 56% of users are aged 18-34

``Big 3`` Posting Package

We’ll post to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep all your profiles up-to-date

Google Business Profile Posting

As part of our Local SEO service we can also post social media-style content to your Google Business Profile

YouTube channel set-up

We can also set up a branded YouTube Channel and post your own videos or create them for you

Take your business to the next level with social media

Social media can help you attract new patients, educate people about your premium treatments, or share your results and patient reviews online

Click the button below and let us know which of our services you’d like more information about.