Local SEO is the most affordable, high-impact way to grow your business online, bar none.

Local SEO,

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Local SEO is all about optimising your Google (My Business) profile in order to get you featured in the maps section where only 3 businesses appear.

Done correctly, this can ensure you appear for all the main search terms people use to find dentists in your area – i.e. multiple page 1 rankings at the top of the page, all at once (with traditional SEO, you have to invest in ranking for each treatment/term individually.)

Your ranking will appear alongside your address, phone number and 5-star reviews (we can help you get those, too) making it easy for people to contact you right then and there.

If you’re not yet in the top 3 in the maps section, stop right here and contact us 🙂 If you’re already there but don’t want anyone else to take your spot, contact us about that, too! 😉

Get your practice on page 1 in the most affordable way possible
Rank for all the main dental treatments and keywords
Rank for all the main dental treatments (orthodontics, implants, etc) at the same time
Showcase your practice ratings and reviews to everyone visiting page 1
Provide easy directions/maps to people visiting your practice

Check out the screenshots below to see just how Local SEO and Google My Business profile optimisation can help you dominate in your area…

Multiple Page 1 Rankings from 1 Google Profile

(Click image for larger view)

Local SEO Monthly Traffic/Call Results for 2 Clients

Total Google My Business Profile Views

Local SEO

Become a Google featured business and drive traffic and calls to your practice.

Get in touch with us using our contact form and let us know you’re interested in finding out more about local SEO. We’ll have a look what the opportunities are for a practice in your area and prepare an overview report for you.

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